Cyprus Fintech Summit is an international summit dedicated to the future of technological innovation in financial services.

Top tier speakers from Cyprus and abroad will engage in meaningful conversations about the Cypriot FinTech Scene, the future of international fintech, crypto, blockchain, the banking and payment institutions. Awesome panel discussions and fireside chats to discuss together the future of fintech and the way forward for the financial industry. 

Join our live sessions and networking at this amazing virtual conference, which provides actionable tips, insights and recommendations about financial technologies. 

Financial services as an industry is transforming rapidly; FinTech startups are challenging the major players by creating powerful new user-centric disruptive products which focus on delivering better ease of use for their customers and boost financial literacy. 

As the shake out between traditional banks and fintech innovators rattles on, the Cyprus Fintech Summit discusses some of the important questions that need to be answered as the global digital economy enters a new pivotal phase and how Cyprus can become one of the important players globally in FinTech. 

Why attend the Cyprus FinTech Summit

  • Join the panel discussions and fireside chats, ask questions and receive advice
  • Get tips and insight for the fintech industry
  • Take part in dedicated virtual networking opportunities
  • Hear the views of thought leaders, senior financial executives, fintech startups and investors.  

Join us, invite your friends, join the discussion and share your excitement using #CFS2023 on social media. The event is free and will be conducted in the English language. 

A bit about our organizing team.

XValley Technologies

XValley™ Technologies Ltd offers to brokers/dealers a full-suite package consisting of a FIX API Matching and Pricing Engine, a Trading Platform, a WebTrader, a CRM tool, an Admin/Config tool, a Risk Tool and a Marketing/Sales website. We are a financial technology company that builds the future in investment trading platforms. The in-house built proprietary trading platform is integrated with many components previously built by different technology vendors. 

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