Conny Dorrestijn

Fintech Entrepreneur and Non-Executive Director of BankiFi

Named one of the ‘2021 Top Ten Voices in European Fintech’ Conny Dorrestijn has a focused career in innovation for the international financial technology sector, previously at Clear2Pay/FIS and as Founding Partner/Advisor at BankiFi: a developer of technology ‘putting banks at the heart of business’. She is also Chair of the Supervisory Board at Blanco Services, a Non-Executive Director to the Board of Augmentum Fintech, an Associate of the Digital Insurance Agenda (DIA) and a Global Innovation Awards Judge at BAI (US). She is a co-host/producer of the regular Fintech Cappuccino podcast.

With empowerment high on her agenda, she actively engages and collaborates with young people to help them build 'social capital'. She is a mentor for Women in Payments (WIP) programme and acted as Advisory Board Member and mentor for Money2020 Europe Rise Up programme. She actively supports the Global Give Back Circle: Mentor, Educate, Empower & Employ HER for girls at risk.

Conny is a frequent speaker at international conferences (EBA, Money2020, Global Wealth, BAI, Betaalcongres, Citi Fintech events, Techleap, MeConvention, e.g.) on the topics of purpose, building a new financial era, payments, fintech and ‘femtech’. ‘Experience coupled with curiosity is wisdom’ is a key driver in her life, which led her from bringing the very first internet bank’s technology from the US to Europe, the first payment hub company to a successful exit as well as working on a wide range of individual positioning issues and companies, often in unconventional ways. Giving space to her team whilst working with top leadership, she enjoys being and bringing the voice to the industry through all stakeholders involved with a clear business target in mind.

10.45 - 11.30

01.09.2023 Main Stage

Chat #1: The Future of Digital Payments

Exploring the latest trends and innovations in the digital payments space, including the rise of cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based payments.