George Agathangelou

Business Development Director at Grant Thornton Cyprus Blockchain CyprusBusiness

I have served most of my career as an executive for Cyprus Investment Firms and am a CySEC Advanced professional competence certificate holder since February 2010. After being intrigued by Bitcoin, during the 2012-2013 Cypriot financial crisis, I started ASIC mining and my research on this experiment. It did not take long for me to make the connection between the vision behind it and how it can improve the quality of life we live.

Currently, I act as the Business Development Director of Grant Thornton’s Distributed Ledger Technology department in Cyprus. Moreover, I help brands establish their presence in the Metaverse through BLOCK.CO's NFT minting platform. If I cannot be of service, maybe I know others who can meet your needs. After all, creating and nurturing relationships, and giving back value, is a cornerstone of doing business today.

Services provided:
• Blockchain Advisory Services - Managing complex regulatory frameworks, risks, audit, tax, and compliance implications on a case-by-case basis, for the use of blockchain and DLT.
• Digital Asset Criminal Investigations – Investigation, classification and monitoring of wallet addresses and transactions. Digital forensics, asset tracing and recovery.
• Virtual Asset Service Providers and other financial sector institutions – Qualified assurance reporting for compliance and effectiveness of AML/CFT policy and procedures.
• Auditing of Digital Assets - Obtaining audit evidence related to digital assets present in the balance sheet of an entity holding, and transacting in, digital assets.
• Tokenization of Assets - Undertaking the process of converting a tangible or intangible asset into a digital token that serves as a proxy for it, while remaining consistent with industry standards and relevant regulations.
• Research & Development - Exploratory studies to identify early-stage implementation concepts, including feasibility studies, infrastructure development, Proof of Concepts (PoCs), blockchain architecture and product development, followed by sandbox testing and quality assurance.
• Smart Contact Development and Audit - Business process logic for Decentralized Applications, evaluation of complex regulatory, compliance issues and security vulnerabilities.
• Education & Training - Blockchain 101 and beyond, regulation, strategy, the current state of technology, and real-world use case applications.
• NFT minting for brands - Advisory services, strategy, and providence of technology infrastructure helping brands reach the best possible engagement and interaction with their communities.

15.00 - 16.00

02.09.2022, FRIDAY Main Stage

Chat #4: FinTech innovation on Blockchain technologies

Title: Will Blockchain lead the fintech innovation space in the next years?